Marxism and Falsifiability

Falsifiability is a philosophy of science that attempts to define science and separate it from what it calls “pseudoscience”. Developed by anti-Marxist philosopher Karl Popper, one can see why it was turned against Marxism. Based on Popper, historical materialism is a pseudoscience, an accusation that I try to disprove in this article by providing some […]

On the “Independence Day”

It is the 4th July today. The so-called “Independence Day”. But independence for who? Where is the freedom that the common man was promised? Where is the freedom for the worker, the proletarian? He was subjugated to the Englishman and now he is subjugated to capital. The chains weren’t abolished, the chains didn’t change form, […]

Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic

Man isn’t only conscious of the external world, but he is also conscious of his inner self. In fact if we want to be precise, we must think of man as self-consciousness, since he can be considered that only by becoming conscious of his own being, that means, only by acquiring something more than the […]

12 Theses on Contradiction

This is a summary of Mao’s book “On Contradiction”, a small piece written by him in 1937. I collected the 12 basic points of it and here I present them to you. The development of things should be seen as their internal and necessary self-movement. The fundamental cause of the development of one thing is […]

The State: friend or foe of the people?

There have been many talks about the nature of the modern state and its potential use as-is among the Left. The opinion that has prevailed in the political stage in terms of popularity is the one that has also been attacked (and justly) the most; I am of course talking about reformism. But that contradiction […]